Hello lovelies! As you know, the blog was on the stand by because of preparations for my graduation. Only a couple of grades and I’m finally ready for my Master thesis. I will be done with it already but some strange virus caught me, then pneumonia, so I had no time to doing anything which is connected with blog. Oh, an am still re – packing my stuff – whole wardrobe! And still am not even close to the end.

In the meantime, I’m reading some interesting magazines wherever I can – on my tablet via Zinio or Isuu or printed ones, or am just tumbling. And I found this beautiful editorial. I’m not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, but in this editorial, she – as a model is just awesome. Her wacky temper is perfect for equally wacky Cavalli and his designs. Love the way her style evolved from trashy candy – licious rainbow Alice lost in wonderland, to one elegant lady.





Sunday /slash/ Monday! I’m soooo damn sick of all these elections shits (it’s election day, hate it). I gave my vote, but I don’t give a damn about who will win because we’ll stay banana state with any of candidates. So, I’m spending my time in vintage mohair sweater paired with trainer pants – casual home edition, reading good book, drinking vanilla chai latte and am going to watch Gone Girl (friend’s recommendation). And killing the time with my new Samsung tablet, which is my early present for diploma this month (or early February).

During the holidays, me and my boyfriend split up. I came back to my parent’s home as  with a cattail between the legs. There are only few pieces left at his place, I packed all my things and brought them with me. I’m doing laundry every single day, as a re – packing, so I have to re – organize my wardrobe (again). Which means – there will be no outfit posts until everything is washed, clean and organized. And this time I’ll improve a quality of the photos.

Have a great Monday!!!!



AAAAAAAaaaaa…..My first outfit post! I fell in love with galaxy print when I saw it on a friend’s shirt from Germany. It was 5 years a go. Then, it became so ubiquitous that I started to dislike it. Especially when I saw tights… Until some new trends came and galaxy print was forgotten. Then I found this top in Calliope. It was on some lone hanger, forgotten, on sale, for only 5 €. But it made me smile and became mine. Love that sheer material, and can be worn in so many occasion, from formal to totally relaxed casual. Wearing it with my old-but-new-edited beanie, some random pants, vintage blazer and boots and Ann Christine fringed bag.



Yep, she’s leaving! Ann Demeulemeester, one of my favorite designers and citizens of Antwerp, who I haven’t had a chance to meet (but had a sneek – peek in her boutique), is no longer on the fashion scene.

I’m not a fashion books collector, because today any self proclaimed fashionista has it’s own fashun-bookey, but this one will be worth to be read, standing on the shelf and re – read, more than all of them.



Beanie and the turtleneck. Sounds like some weird cartoon, like Rocky and Bullwinkle, while has nothing to do with it. I took some tulle, and inspired with Jil Sander’s veiled beanies, I made my own. Love the way the vintage – esque tulle is connected with modern popular beanies, oldschool meets contemporary. The turtlenecks are just another sweater – weather necessities we have to live with/in next couple of months.

X – MAS Sweater




Went oway from the city to spend some good time with my family. I took this dad’s oversized sweater and I looked frumpy, but it’s so damn cold. The forecast says that it will be white X-mas this year, I hope so! Wish nothing but the best to you all!!!


Sheer, airy, dreamy scaves inspired by satellite recorded photos of our planet Earth and the others many places in whole Space & Universe! Slow factory, an Italian brand, are making these gorgeous real silk, and are bringing printed NASA’s photographs of cosmos to wrap yourself..or your neck…WOW